Adding a Tenant to the Lease


Occupancy is denied till acceptance is completed by the office.

Occupancy is anyone staying more than 14 days per

calendar year not necessarily consecutively.



When a new tenant is added to an existing lease they are now legally responsible for the terms of the lease along with the current tenants. Please be aware that security deposit refunds are dispersed in equal amounts to all tenants named on the lease. All current tenant(s) must agree with the new tenant moving in.


What the Current Tenant Must Do:


1. Make sure that you give a copy of the “Lease Agreement” to the prospective tenant. This will help the new tenant avoid lease infractions.


2. Explain to the new tenant how the deposit was paid.


3. Notify the new tenant that he/she MUST submit an application to our office in order to be considered for occupancy in the rental property. There are no exceptions, and you can’t do this for him/her. The new tenant must apply and must be approved before moving into the rental property. Online applications available at


4. Notifiy the new tenant that on move out the security deposit will be returned in equal parts to all residents named on the lease directly from our office to the original signer. Original signer will distribute the deposit accordingly


5. Contact the Landlord about any person wishing to apply.


What the New Tenant Must Do:


1. You MUST fill out a rental application for the property.


2. Ensure you have read a copy of the Residential Rental Lease.


3. Make sure you receive a copy of the existing “Move-In Inspection” form for the property from the current tenant(s). This form was filled out by the current tenant(s) when they moved in, and it listed any damage to the unit noted at that time. This will help you and the tenant you are replacing if so, to determine a fair transfer of the security deposit.


4. Make sure all tenant(s) agree with the new tenant moving in. Deposits are returned to the original signer-tenant and they distribute the deposit accordingly.


5. Ensure the application is submitted to our office.


6. Once your application is approved you must make an appointment to visit our office in order to review the lease and your responsibilities as a tenant, and your rights and obligations. Occupancy is denied till this step is completed.

This appointment is in your best interests and is for your protection!


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